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Les dernières fiches publiées


Pays : Angleterre  
Année : 1966  
Genre : Drame  
Durée : minutes  
Réalisateur : Micealangelo Antonioni  
Acteurs : Vanessa Redgrave, Sarah Miles, David Hemmings...
Format : Blu-ray

45 Years

Mildred Pierce

Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown



Homeland (Season Five)

His Girl Friday

Accountant, The

Tree of Wooden Clogs, The

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Titre de l'édition Distributeurs Produit Critique
!K7 Records K7CD+DVD

'71 UniversalBlu-ray + DVD

10 Cloverfield Lane ParamountBlu-ray + DVD

10th Victim, The E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

12 Angry Men E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

12 Years a Slave Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

127 Hours Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

19-2 (Saison 3) Distribution SélectBlu-ray

1987 E one EntertainmentBlu-rayComplète

2 Days in New York Mongrel MediaDVD

2 Frogs dans l'Ouest Distribution SélectDVD

2 Secondes Equinoxe FilmsDVD

2046 Films SévilleDVDComplète

24: Live Another Day Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

3 Mongrel MediaDVD

3 coeurs Métropole FilmsDVD

3 Women E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

32 août sur terre, Un Equinoxe FilmsDVD

33, The Warner Bros.Blu-ray

360 E one EntertainmentDVD

39 Steps, The E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

3:10 to Yuma E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

4 soldats, Les Métropole FilmsDVD

400 Blows, The Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray + DVD

400 Blows, The E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

45 Years Mongrel MediaBlu-rayComplète

45 Years E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

5 Deadly Venoms Alliance VivafilmBlu-ray

5 to 7 Mongrel MediaDVD

50/50 E one EntertainmentBlu-rayComplète

5X2 Films SévilleDVDTechnique

61* Warner Bros.Blu-ray

8 fois debout Distribution SélectDVD

9 mois ferme Métropole FilmsDVD

A Heart in Winter Koch LorberDVD

À l'origine d'un cri Distribution SélectDVD

À la rencontre du Père Noël Films SévilleDVD

A.I. - Artificial Intelligence DreamworksDVDComplète

A.I. Artificial Intelligence ParamountBlu-ray

Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein UniversalBlu-ray + DVD

About a Boy UniversalBlu-ray

About Time UniversalBlu-ray + DVD

Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Acacias, Las K.Films AmériqueDVD

Accountant, The Warner Bros.Blu-ray

Ace in the Hole Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray + DVD

Act of Killing, The Warner Music CanadaBlu-ray

Adderall Diaries, The Mongrel MediaBlu-ray

Adieux à la reine, Les E one EntertainmentBlu-rayComplète

Adjustment Bureau, The UniversalBlu-ray + DVD

Affair, The (Season 1) ParamountDVD

Affaire Dumont, L' Alliance VivafilmDVD

Affaire Farewell, L' E one EntertainmentDVD

Âge des ténèbres, L' Alliance VivafilmBlu-ray + DVD

Agony and the Ecstasy, The Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Aguirre, the Wrath of God Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray

Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry Mongrel MediaDVD

Airport UniversalBlu-ray + DVD

Akira Kurosawa's Dreams E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Aladdin (Diamond Edition) Buena VistaBlu-ray + DVD

Alamar Mongrel MediaDVD

Alambrista! E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Albert Nobbs E one EntertainmentBlu-ray + DVDComplète

Alcatraz (The Complete Series) Warner Bros.Blu-ray

Ali: Fear Eats the Soul Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray

Alien Saga, The Image EntertainmentDVDTechnique

Alien Quadrilogy (Canadian Edition) Twentieth Century FoxDVD

Aliens (30th Anniversary Edition) Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

All About Eve Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

All Is Lost E one EntertainmentBlu-ray + DVD

All Quiet on the Western Front UniversalBlu-ray + DVD

All That Heaven Allows Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray + DVD

All That Jazz Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray + DVD

All the President's Men Warner Bros.Blu-ray

Altered States Warner Bros.Blu-ray

Amarcord CriterionDVD

Amarcord E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

American Friend, The E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

American Horror Story (Season 3 - Coven) Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Americans, The (The Complete First Season) Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Amiche, Le E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Amistad ParamountBlu-ray

Amour dure trois ans, L' E one EntertainmentDVD

Amour est un crime parfait, L' Métropole FilmsDVD

Amy Mongrel MediaBlu-rayComplète

An Affair to Remember Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Anatomy of a Murder E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Anatomy of Hell Mongrel MediaDVD

Andromeda Strain, The UniversalBlu-ray

Angèle et Tony Métropole FilmsDVD

Animal Kingdom E one EntertainmentDVD

Anna Karenina Alliance VivafilmBlu-ray

Annabelle Warner Bros.Blu-ray + DVD

Anomalisa ParamountBlu-ray + DVDComplète

Another Earth Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray + DVD

Antoine et Marie Distribution SélectDVD

Apocalypse - Hitler E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Apocalypse - La Première Guerre mondiale E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Apollo 18 Alliance VivafilmBlu-ray

Après mai Métropole FilmsDVD

World of Apu, The Columbia TristarDVD

Arbre, L' Mongrel MediaDVD

Arche russe, L' (Collection Signature) Films SévilleDVDComplète

Argo Warner Bros.Blu-ray + DVD

Armstrong Lie, The Sony Pictures Home EntertainmentBlu-ray

Arrival Paramount4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray

As Luck Would Have It Mongrel MediaDVD

Asphalt Jungle, The E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Astérix: Le domaine des dieux Métropole FilmsBlu-ray

Attack, The UniversalBlu-ray + DVD

Attila Marcel Métropole FilmsDVD

August: Osage County E one EntertainmentBlu-rayComplète

Austin Powers in Goldmember (Infinifilm) Alliance AtlantisDVDComplète

Autre Dumas, L' E one EntertainmentDVD

Autumn Afternoon, An Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray

Autumn Sonata E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Avant l'hiver Métropole FilmsDVD

Avant que mon coeur bascule Métropole FilmsDVD

Avengers: Age of Ultron Buena VistaBlu-ray (3D) + Blu-ray

Avril et le monde truqué Métropole FilmsBlu-ray

Avventura, L' CriterionDVD

Avventura, L' Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray

Babette’s Feast E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Bad Actress Mongrel MediaDVD

Bad Seed, The Warner Bros.Blu-ray

Badlands E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Baiser s'il vous plaît, Un K.Films AmériqueDVD

Balcon sur la mer, Un Métropole FilmsDVD

Ballad of Narayama E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Band of Outsiders E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Barbarella ParamountBlu-ray

Barcelona E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Barney's Version E one EntertainmentBlu-rayComplète

Barry Lyndon Warner Bros.Blu-ray

Beaux malaises, Les (Saison 3) Distribution SélectDVD

Beasts of the Southern Wild E one EntertainmentBlu-ray + DVDComplète

Beau-père Alliance VivafilmDVD

Beautiful Mind, A UniversalBlu-ray

Beauty and the Beast E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Beauty Inside, The DEPBlu-ray

Beaux jours, Les Métropole FilmsDVD

Beaux malaises, Les (Saison 2) Distribution SélectDVD

Beaver, The E one EntertainmentDVD

Before Midnight Sony Pictures Home EntertainmentBlu-ray

Beguiled, The UniversalBlu-ray

Being Flynn Alliance VivafilmDVD

Being Human (Season 1) Alliance VivafilmBlu-ray

Being John Malkovich E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Belle Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Belle de jour E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Bernie Alliance VivafilmDVD

Bessie Warner Bros.Blu-ray

Best in Show Warner Bros.Blu-ray

Bethlehem Mongrel MediaDVD

Better Life, A E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Beyond the Edge Mongrel MediaDVD

Beyond the Valley of the Dolls E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Bicycle Thieves, The E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Bienvenue parmi nous Métropole FilmsDVD

Big Chill, The Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray + DVD

Big Hero 6 Buena VistaBlu-ray + DVD

Big Short, The ParamountBlu-ray + DVD

Birdcage, The Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Birdman Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Bitter Rice E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Biutiful Maple PicturesBlu-ray

Black Girl E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Black Mass Warner Bros.Blu-ray + DVD

Black Stallion, The E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Blanche ImaVisionDVD

Blind Chance E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Blood Simple E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Blow Out E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Blow-up E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Blue Caprice Mongrel MediaDVD

Blue Jasmine Sony Pictures Home EntertainmentBlu-ray

Blue Velvet (25th Anniversary Edition) Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Blues Brothers 2000 UniversalBlu-ray

Blues Brothers, The UniversalBlu-ray

Bonheur des autres, Le E one EntertainmentDVD

Bonheur n'arrive jamais seul, Un E one EntertainmentDVD

Bonjour Patof Distribution SélectDVD

Book Thief, The Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Boris sans Béatrice K.Films AmériqueDVD

Born to Be Wild Warner Bros.Blu-ray + DVD

Boxtrolls, The E one EntertainmentBlu-ray (3D) + Blu-ray + DVD

Boy Mongrel MediaBlu-ray

Boychoir Mongrel MediaBlu-ray

Boyhood Mongrel MediaBlu-rayComplète

Boys, Les E one EntertainmentBlu-ray + DVD

Brave Buena VistaBlu-ray + DVD

Brazil UniversalBlu-ray

Brazil E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Breaker Morant E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Breaking Bad (The Fifth Season) Sony Pictures Home EntertainmentBlu-ray

Breaking Bad (The Final Season) Sony Pictures Home EntertainmentBlu-ray

Breaking the Waves Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray + DVD

Bride Flight Mongrel MediaDVD

Bride of Frankenstein, The UniversalBlu-ray

Bridge of Spies Buena VistaBlu-ray + DVD

Bridge, The (Season 1) Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Bridge, The E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Bridges of Madison County, The Warner Bros.Blu-ray

Brief Encounter E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Brief History of Time, A CriterionBlu-ray + DVD

Brighter Summer Day, A E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Broadcast News E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Brooklyn Mongrel MediaBlu-rayComplète

Brothers Grimm, The Alliance AtlantisDVDComplète

Brown Bunny, The (Superbit) Sony Pictures Home EntertainmentDVD

Brubaker Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Bruit des arbres, Le K.Films AmériqueDVD

Bruit des glaçons, Le Métropole FilmsDVD

Buffet froid Alliance VivafilmDVD

Bumrush Distribution SélectDVD

Bunker E one EntertainmentDVD

Burroughs: The Movie E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Bye Bye 2010-2011-2012 Distribution SélectDVD

Cabin in the Woods, The Alliance VivafilmBlu-ray

Caché Alliance AtlantisDVD

Café de flore Alliance VivafilmBlu-ray + DVD

Cage aux Folles, La E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Camelot Warner Bros.Blu-ray+CD

Cameraperson E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Camille Claudel 1915 Distribution SélectDVD

Camille redouble Métropole FilmsDVD

Cape Fear UniversalBlu-ray

Cape Fear UniversalBlu-ray

Capital, Le E one EntertainmentDVD

Caprice K.Films AmériqueDVD

Captain Phillips Sony Pictures Home EntertainmentBlu-ray + DVD

Captains, The E one EntertainmentDVD

Carlos Mongrel MediaBlu-ray + DVDComplète

Carmen Jones Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Carnival of Souls E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Carrie Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Cat o' Nine Tails, The E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Cat People E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Cat Returns, The Buena VistaBlu-ray + DVD

Catch Me If You Can ParamountBlu-ray

Catimini Distribution SélectDVD

Ceci n'est pas un polar K.Films AmériqueDVD

Cell 211 E one EntertainmentDVD

Cercle Rouge, Le E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Chambre, La Films SévilleDVD

Chaplin Maple PicturesBlu-ray

Charade UniversalBlu-ray

Chariots of Fire Warner Bros.Blu-ray+CD

Charlie Wilson's War UniversalBlu-ray

Charulata E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Che - Part 1 - The Argentine E one EntertainmentDVD

Chernobyl Diaries Warner Bros.Blu-ray + DVD

Chicago Alliance AtlantisDVDComplète

Chicken Little Buena VistaDVD

Chienne, La E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Chinatown ParamountBlu-ray

Choristes, Les Alliance AtlantisDVD

Chorus Funfilm DistributionDVD

Chronique d'un été - Paris 1960 E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Chute, La Alliance AtlantisDVD

Ciénaga, La Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray

Cigale des grands jours - Thomas Fersen Warner Music CanadaDVD+CD

Cincinnati Kid, The Warner Bros.Blu-ray

Cinema Verite Warner Bros.Blu-ray

Citizen Kane Warner Bros.DVDComplète

City Lights E one EntertainmentBlu-ray + DVD

Classic Album: Plastic Ono Band Eagle Rock EntertainmentDVD

Cleopatra Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Cloclo E one EntertainmentDVD

Clouds of Sils Maria Mongrel MediaDVD

Clue ParamountBlu-ray

Clueless ParamountBlu-ray

Coal Miner's Daughter UniversalBlu-ray

Cochon de Gaza, Le E one EntertainmentDVD

Code Unknown E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Coeur d'Auschwitz, Le Distribution SélectDVD

Coeur de madame Sabali, Le K.Films AmériqueDVD

Coeur régulier, Le K.Films AmériqueDVD

Cold in July Mongrel MediaDVD

Coldplay Live 2003 EMIDVDTechnique

Coma Warner Bros.Blu-ray

Combien tu m'aimes? Films SévilleDVDTechnique

Coming Home Sony Pictures Home EntertainmentBlu-ray

Comme un chef E one EntertainmentDVD

Concert, Le E one EntertainmentDVD

Confession, The E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Congress, The VSCBlu-ray

Conjuring, The Warner Bros.Blu-ray + DVD

Conquête, La E one EntertainmentDVD

Constant Gardener, The Alliance AtlantisDVD

Contagion Warner Bros.Blu-ray + DVD

Contes de la nuit, Les E one EntertainmentDVD

Conversation, The Alliance VivafilmBlu-ray

Conviction Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Copacabana E one EntertainmentDVD

Copie conforme Mongrel MediaDVDComplète

Corbo E one EntertainmentDVD

Corno Distribution SélectDVD

Cornouaille Métropole FilmsDVD

Corpse Bride (WS) Warner Bros.DVDComplète

Cosmopolis E one EntertainmentBlu-ray + DVDComplète

Cowboys & Aliens UniversalBlu-ray

Creature Comforts (The Complete First Season) Sony Pictures Home EntertainmentDVD

Creed Warner Bros.Blu-ray + DVD

Cries & Whispers Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray

Crime d'amour Métropole FilmsDVDComplète

Crimson Peak UniversalBlu-ray + DVD

Crow, The Alliance VivafilmBlu-ray + DVD

Cry-Baby UniversalBlu-ray

Cul-de-sac E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Curling Métropole FilmsDVD

Curse of Chucky UniversalBlu-ray + DVD

Dances with Wolves (20th Anniversary) Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Dangerous Liaisons Warner Bros.Blu-ray

Dangerous Method, A E one EntertainmentBlu-ray + DVD

Danish Girl, The UniversalBlu-ray

Dark Horse Mongrel MediaBlu-ray

Dark Knight Rises, The Warner Bros.Blu-ray + DVD

Dark Shadows Warner Bros.Blu-ray + DVD

Daughters of Darkness E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Day for Night E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Day in the Country, A Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray

Dazed and Confused UniversalBlu-ray

Dazed and Confused E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

De vrais mensonges Métropole FilmsDVD

Dead Ringer Warner Bros.Blu-ray

Dead Snow 2 : Red vs. Dead E one EntertainmentBlu-rayComplète

Death by Hanging E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Déclin de l'empire américain, Le E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Deep End, The Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Deep Red E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Deer Hunter, The UniversalBlu-ray + DVD

Dekalog E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Délicatesse, La E one EntertainmentDVD

Dérapages Alliance VivafilmDVD

Desert Flower E one EntertainmentDVD

Design for Living E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Despicable Me 2 UniversalBlu-ray (3D) + Blu-ray + DVD

Detachment Mongrel MediaDVD

Deux jours, une nuit Métropole FilmsDVDComplète

Devil's Backbone, The E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Devil's Double, The Alliance VivafilmBlu-ray

Dheepan Mongrel MediaDVD

Dial M for Murder Warner Bros.Blu-ray (3D) + Blu-ray

Diego Star Métropole FilmsDVD

Dilemma, The UniversalBlu-ray

Dinner for Schmucks ParamountBlu-ray

Diplomatie Métropole FilmsDVD

Dirty Wars Mongrel MediaDVD

Django Kill… If You Live, Shoot! E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Dogora Christal FilmsDVD

Dogville (édition américaine) Lion's Gate (Canada)DVD

Dolce Vita, La Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray

Don't Look Now Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray

Dont Look Back E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Dors Nicole, Tu E one EntertainmentBlu-rayComplète

Down by Law E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Downhill Racer E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Frankenstein UniversalBlu-ray

Dracula UniversalBlu-ray

Dream House E one EntertainmentBlu-ray + DVD

Dreamers, The (non-censuré) Twentieth Century FoxDVD

Dressed to Kill E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Drive Alliance VivafilmBlu-ray + DVD

Driving Miss Daisy Warner Bros.Blu-ray

Drop, The Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Due Date Warner Bros.Blu-ray + DVD

Duel UniversalBlu-ray

Earrings of Madame de..., The E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

East, The Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Easter Parade Warner Bros.Blu-ray

Easy Rider E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Eating Raoul E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Éclisse, L' Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray + DVD

Edge of Tomorrow Warner Bros.Blu-ray (3D) + Blu-ray + DVD

Edukators, The Alliance AtlantisDVD

Eldorado Funfilm DistributionDVD

Electra Glide in Blue E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Elephant Song E one EntertainmentDVDComplète

Elizabeth I HBODVD

Elle s'en va Métropole FilmsDVD

Elles E one EntertainmentDVD

Elles étaient cinq Alliance AtlantisDVD

Elsa & Fred Mongrel MediaDVD

Elysium Sony Pictures Home EntertainmentBlu-ray + DVD

Emmanuelle Alliance VivafilmBlu-ray + DVD

Émotifs anonymes, Les Métropole FilmsDVD

Empire (Season 1) Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Empire of the Sun (Digibook) Warner Bros.Blu-ray

Emporte-moi Equinoxe FilmsDVD

En solitaire Métropole FilmsDVD

En terrains connus E one EntertainmentDVD

End of the Road Warner Bros.DVD

End of Time, The Mongrel MediaDVD

Enemy E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Enfant, L' TVA FilmsDVD

Enfants du paradis, Les E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Enfer, L' Alliance AtlantisDVD

Enough Said Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Entourage (The Complete Eighth Season) Warner Bros.Blu-rayComplète

Entourage Warner Bros.Blu-ray + DVD

Eraserhead Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray

Erin Brockovich UniversalBlu-ray + DVD

Ernest et Célestine Métropole FilmsDVD

Escalier C Christal FilmsDVD

Escape from L.A. ParamountBlu-ray

Escobar VVS Films Blu-ray

Esimésac Alliance VivafilmBlu-ray

Essential Killing E one EntertainmentDVD

Et maintenant on va où? Métropole FilmsDVD

Everest UniversalBlu-ray + DVD

Every Day Alliance VivafilmBlu-ray

Every Man for Himself Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray

Every Thing Will Be Fine Mongrel MediaDVD

Everybody Has a Plan Mongrel MediaDVD

Everybody Has a Plan Mongrel MediaDVD

Everybody Wants Some!! ParamountBlu-ray + DVDComplète

Ex Machina Mongrel MediaBlu-ray + DVDComplète

Excalibur Warner Bros.Blu-ray

Executioner, The E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Exils Mongrel MediaDVD

Exodus: Gods and Kings Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray (3D) + Blu-ray + DVD

Exotica Alliance VivafilmBlu-ray + DVD

Exterminating Angel, The E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Eyes Without a Face E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

F for Fake Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray

F Word, The E one EntertainmentBlu-rayComplète

Face cachée de la lune, La Alliance AtlantisDVD

Fading Gigolo Mongrel MediaDVD

Fair Game E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Famille Bélier, La E one EntertainmentDVD

Famille Plouffe, La ImaVisionDVD

Fantastic Mr. Fox Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray + DVD

Fantastic Voyage Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Far from the Madding Crowd Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Fargo (Season 1) Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Fargo (Season 2) Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Fargo (Remastered) Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Fascination Mongrel MediaBlu-ray

Fat Girl E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Fatima Distribution SélectDVDComplète

Fellini - Satyricon Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray

Femmes du 6ème étage, Les E one EntertainmentDVD

Fiancée syrienne, La Mongrel MediaDVD

Fiddler on the Roof (40th Anniversary Edition) Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray + DVD

Fille de d'Artagnan, La Distribution SélectDVD

Fille du puisatier, La E one EntertainmentDVD

Film Socialisme Métropole FilmsDVD

Finding Nemo Buena VistaDVDComplète

Finding Nemo Buena VistaBlu-ray (3D) + Blu-ray + DVD

Finest Hours, The Buena VistaBlu-ray + DVD

Fisher King, The E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Five Easy Pieces E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Floride Métropole FilmsDVD

Fly, The Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Fog, The (Collector's Edition) E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Forbidden Room, The Mongrel MediaBlu-ray

Force majeure VSCBlu-rayComplète

Forever and a Day VSCBlu-ray

Fort Apache Warner Bros.Blu-ray

Four Feathers, The E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Fox and His Friends E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Foxcatcher Sony Pictures Home EntertainmentBlu-ray

Frankenstein UniversalBlu-ray

French Lieutenant's Woman, The E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Freshman, The Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray + DVD

Frida Alliance AtlantisDVDComplète

Fried Green Tomatoes UniversalBlu-ray

Friends of Eddie Coyle, The E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Frighteners, The UniversalBlu-ray

Fringe (The Complete Third Season) Warner Bros.Blu-rayComplète

Frisson des collines E one EntertainmentDVD

From Here to Eternity Sony Pictures Home EntertainmentBlu-ray

Frozen Buena VistaBlu-ray + DVD

Full Monty, The Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Future, The Mongrel MediaDVD

Gabrielle Films SévilleDVD

Gabrielle E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Game, The E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Game, The UniversalBlu-ray

Gamin au vélo, Le E one EntertainmentDVDComplète

Gangs of New York Alliance AtlantisDVDComplète

Gate of Hell E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Gaz Bar Blues Alliance AtlantisDVD

Gemma Bovery Métropole FilmsDVD

George Washington Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray + DVD

German Doctor, The Distribution SélectDVD

Gerry E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Get on Up UniversalBlu-ray + DVD

Ghost and Mrs. Muir, The Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Gilda E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Girls (The Complete Second Season) Warner Bros.Blu-ray + DVD

Girls (The Complete Third Season) Warner Bros.Blu-ray

Giver, The E one EntertainmentBlu-rayComplète

Glee (Season Five) Twentieth Century FoxDVD

Gloria Mongrel MediaDVD

God's Pocket Mongrel MediaBlu-ray

Godzilla E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Godzilla Warner Bros.Blu-ray (3D) + Blu-ray + DVD

Gold Rush, The E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Gone Girl Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Good bye, Lenin! (édition canadienne) Films SévilleDVDComplète

Good Lie, The Warner Bros.Blu-ray + DVD

Good Old Naughty Days, The Strand ReleasingDVD

Good Shepherd, The UniversalBlu-ray

Goodbye to Language VSCBlu-ray (3D) + Blu-ray

Goodfellas Warner Bros.4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray

Gorillas in the Mist UniversalBlu-ray

Grace of Monaco Mongrel MediaBlu-ray

Graduate, The E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Grand Budapest Hotel, The Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Grand Duel, The E one EntertainmentDVD

Grand Prix Warner Bros.Blu-ray

Grand voyage, Le Mongrel MediaDVD

Grande bouffe, La Christal FilmsDVD

Grande illusion, La Alliance VivafilmBlu-ray

Grande Séduction, La Alliance AtlantisDVD

Grands Classiques Noir Et Blanc, Les Koch Vision/Koch Vision ClassicsDVD

Grapes of Wrath, The Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Great Beauty, The Mongrel MediaBlu-rayComplète

Great Dictator, The E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Great Escape, The Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Greetings to the Devil Mongrel MediaDVD

Grey Gardens E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Grey, The E one EntertainmentBlu-ray + DVD

Guardians of the Galaxy Buena VistaBlu-ray

Guerre des tuques, La DEPBlu-ray + DVD

Guerre est déclarée, La E one EntertainmentDVD

Hail, Caesar! UniversalBlu-ray + DVD

Haine, La E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Hangover Part II, The Warner Bros.Blu-ray + DVD

Hansel & Gretel : Witch Hunters ParamountBlu-ray (3D) + Blu-ray

Happy, Happy Mongrel MediaDVD

Hard Day's Night, A Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray + DVD

Harold and Maude E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Harvey UniversalBlu-ray + DVD

Havre, Le E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Hawaii, Oslo Mongrel MediaDVD

Heart of a Dog E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Hearts and Minds Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray + DVD

Heaven's Gate E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Heavy Traffic (Special Editon) E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Hello, Dolly! Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Hello, My Name Is Doris Sony Pictures Home EntertainmentBlu-ray

Here Comes Mr. Jordan E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Here's Your Life E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Hereafter Warner Bros.Blu-ray + DVD

Hermine Distribution SélectDVD

Hero Alliance AtlantisDVDComplète

Hidden Fortress, The Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray + DVD

High and Low E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

High Fidelity Buena VistaBlu-ray

Hiroshima Mon Amour E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

His Girl Friday E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

History of Violence, A Alliance AtlantisDVDComplète

Hitchcock Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray + DVD

Hobbit, The: The Desolation of Smaug Warner Bros.Blu-ray + DVD

Holiday Inn UniversalBlu-ray

Holy Motors Métropole FilmsDVDComplète

Homeland (Season Two) Twentieth Century FoxBlu-rayComplète

Homeland (Season Three) Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Homeland (Season Five) Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Homesman, The Mongrel MediaBlu-ray

Homme qui rit, L' Métropole FilmsDVD

Hommes et des Dieux, Des Métropole FilmsDVD

Honeymoon Killers, The E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Hoop Dreams Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray

Hoosiers (25th Anniversary Edition) Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Host, The E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

House (Season 7) UniversalBlu-ray

House by the Cemetary, The E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

House of Cards (The Complete Second Season) Sony Pictures Home EntertainmentBlu-ray

House of Cards (The Complete Third Season) Sony Pictures Home EntertainmentBlu-ray

Howling, The (Collector's Edition) E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Hundred-Foot Journey, The Buena VistaBlu-ray + DVD

Hung (The Complete Third Season) Warner Bros.Blu-ray

Hunger Games, The Alliance VivafilmBlu-ray

Hunger Games, The: Mockingjay - Part 1 E one EntertainmentBlu-ray + DVD

Hungry Hearts Métropole FilmsDVD

Hunt, The Mongrel MediaDVDComplète

Hurricane, The UniversalBlu-ray

Hyde Park on Hudson Alliance VivafilmDVD

I Knew Her Well E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

I Origins Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

I Vitelloni Image EntertainmentDVD

Ice Age (Special Edition) Twentieth Century FoxDVDComplète

Ice Age : Continental Drift Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray (3D) + Blu-ray + DVD

Ice Station Zebra Warner Bros.Blu-ray

Ice Storm, The E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

If I Stay Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray + DVD

If.... E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Ikiru E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Il Generale Della Rovere Mongrel MediaBlu-ray

Il Sorpasso Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray + DVD

Imax Deep Sea Warner Bros.DVD

Immortal Story, The E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Immortel (Ad Vitam) Alliance AtlantisDVDComplète

Impardonnables Métropole FilmsDVD

In a Lonely Place E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

In a World... Sony Pictures Home EntertainmentBlu-ray

In Cold Blood E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

In Darkness Mongrel MediaDVD

In Old Arizona Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

In the Electric Mist Distribution SélectDVD

In the Heart of the Sea Warner Bros.Blu-ray + DVD

In the Heat of the Night Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

In the Mood for Love E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

In-Laws, The E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Incendies E one EntertainmentBlu-rayComplète

Inch'Allah E one EntertainmentBlu-rayComplète

Indigènes Alliance VivafilmBlu-ray

Indochine Christal FilmsDVD

Inferno E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Ingrid Bergman in Her Own Words E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Inherent Vice Warner Bros.Blu-ray + DVD

Inn of the Sixth Happiness, The Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Innocents, The Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray

Inside Llewyn Davis Mongrel MediaBlu-ray

Insidious Alliance VivafilmBlu-ray

Insignificance E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Insomnia Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray + DVD

Interstellar ParamountBlu-ray + DVD

Into the Abyss Mongrel MediaDVD

Into the Woods Buena VistaBlu-ray

Intolerable Cruelty UniversalBlu-ray

Invasions barbares, Les Alliance AtlantisDVDComplète

Invasions barbares, Les Alliance VivafilmBlu-ray + DVD

Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion E one EntertainmentBlu-ray + DVD

Invincibles, Les (Saison 1) Alliance AtlantisDVD

Invités de mon père, Les Distribution SélectDVD

Iron Man 3 Buena VistaBlu-ray (3D) + Blu-ray + DVD

Iron Sky E one EntertainmentBlu-ray + DVD

Irréversible (édition Alliance Atlantis) Alliance AtlantisDVDComplète

Island of Lost Souls E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

It Follows Mongrel MediaBlu-rayComplète

It Happened One Night Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray + DVD

It's Kind of a Funny Story Alliance VivafilmBlu-ray

Ivan’s Childhood E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

J.Edgar Warner Bros.Blu-ray + DVD

Jack Goes Boating Alliance VivafilmDVD

Jacques Brel - Comme quand on était beau Universal Music CanadaDVD

Jaloux E one EntertainmentDVD

Jaune (Jean-Pierre Ferland) GSI MusiqueCD+DVD

Jayne Mansfield Collection, The Twentieth Century FoxDVD

Jazz Singer, The Warner Bros.Blu-ray

Jellyfish Eyes E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Jeremiah Johnson Warner Bros.Blu-ray

Jersey Boys Warner Bros.Blu-ray + DVD

Jerusalem E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Jeu de la mort, Le Métropole FilmsDVD

Jeune & jolie Métropole FilmsDVDComplète

Jimmy P. Mongrel MediaDVD

Jo pour Jonathan Métropole FilmsDVD

Jodorowsky's Dune Sony Pictures Home EntertainmentBlu-ray + DVD

Joe Kidd UniversalBlu-ray

Jolene E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Journal d'un vieil homme, Le E one EntertainmentDVDComplète

Journal d'une femme de chambre K.Films AmériqueDVDComplète

Jubal E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Judex Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray + DVD

Judge, The Warner Bros.Blu-ray + DVD

Jules et Jim Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray + DVD

Jurassic Park UniversalBlu-ray (3D) + DVD

Jurassic World UniversalBlu-ray (3D) + Blu-ray

Kaamelott (Livre 6) Alliance VivafilmDVD

Karakara Métropole FilmsDVD

Kes E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Kid, The E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Kiki's Delivery Service Buena VistaBlu-ray + DVD

Kill Bill: Vol. 1 Alliance AtlantisDVDComplète

Kill Bill: Vol. 2 Alliance AtlantisDVDComplète

Killing Kennedy Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Killing, The E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

King and I, The Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray + DVD

King Kong (Collector's Edition) UniversalDVDComplète

King of Comedy, The Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

King of the Hill Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray + DVD

King's Speech, The Alliance VivafilmBlu-ray

Kingdom of Heaven (WS) Twentieth Century FoxDVDTechnique

Kirikou et les hommes et les femmes E one EntertainmentDVD

Kiss Me Deadly E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Koktebel Mongrel MediaDVD

Kuroneko E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Kwaidan E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

La French E one EntertainmentDVD

Là où Atilla passe... K.Films AmériqueDVD

Lady Vanishes, The E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Lady, The Mongrel MediaDVD

Ladykillers, The Buena VistaDVD

Lance et compte E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Last Circus, The Mongrel MediaDVD

Last Days of Disco, The E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Last Night E one EntertainmentDVD

Late Quartet, A Mongrel MediaBlu-ray

Late Spring E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Laurence Anyways Alliance VivafilmBlu-ray + DVD

Lawless Alliance VivafilmBlu-ray

Lawrence of Arabia Sony Pictures Home EntertainmentBlu-ray

Le Mans ParamountBlu-ray

Leap Year Mongrel MediaDVD

Légende de Sarila, La Alliance VivafilmDVD

Lemming Alliance AtlantisDVD

LennonNYC Warner Music CanadaDVD

Letter Never Sent E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Letter to Momo, A E one EntertainmentBlu-ray + DVD

Leviathan Sony Pictures Home EntertainmentBlu-ray

Life and Death of Colonel Blimp, The E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, The Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray + DVD

Life During Wartime E one EntertainmentDVD

Life Is Sweet E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Life of David Gale, The UniversalBlu-ray

Life of Oharu, The E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Like Crazy ParamountBlu-ray

Like Dandelion Dust Twentieth Century FoxDVD

Like Father, Like Son Mongrel MediaDVD

Limelight E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Limitless Alliance VivafilmBlu-ray

Little Big Man ParamountBlu-ray

Little Shop of Horrors Warner Bros.Blu-ray

Liverpool E one EntertainmentDVD

Lobster, The Mongrel MediaBlu-rayComplète

London Boulevard E one EntertainmentBlu-ray + DVD

Lonesome E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Long Day Closes, The Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray + DVD

Looking (The Complete First Season) Warner Bros.Blu-rayComplète

Lord of the Flies E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Lost (Season One) Buena VistaDVD

Louder Than Bombs Sony Pictures Home EntertainmentDVD

Loups, Les E one EntertainmentDVD

Love & Friendship Mongrel MediaDVD

Love Exposure Mongrel MediaDVD

Love Is Strange Sony Pictures Home EntertainmentBlu-ray

Love Story ParamountBlu-ray

Love Streams Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray + DVD

Love, Marilyn Mongrel MediaDVD

Luck (The Complete First Season) Warner Bros.Blu-ray

Lunchbox, The Sony Pictures Home EntertainmentBlu-ray + DVD

Lyonnais, Les E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Ma mère Mongrel MediaDVD

Ma part du gâteau Distribution SélectDVD

Macbeth Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray

Mad Max: Fury Road Warner Bros.Blu-ray + DVDComplète

Mad Max: Fury Road Warner Bros.Blu-ray (3D) + Blu-ray + DVD

Mad Men (Season 4) Maple PicturesBlu-ray

Mademoiselle Chambon E one EntertainmentDVD

Madonna: Truth or Dare Alliance VivafilmBlu-ray + DVD

Magasin des suicides, Le E one EntertainmentDVD

Magic in the Moonlight Sony Pictures Home EntertainmentBlu-ray

Magnificent Ambersons, The Warner Bros.DVD

Maison du pêcheur, La E one EntertainmentDVD

Maîtres du suspense, Les E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Make Way for Tomorrow E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Makioka Sisters, The E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Malcolm X Warner Bros.Blu-ray

Maleficent Buena VistaBlu-ray + DVD

Mallrats UniversalBlu-ray

Mama E one EntertainmentBlu-ray + DVD

Maman est chez le coiffeur Equinoxe FilmsDVD

Man Escaped, A E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Man from U.N.C.L.E., The Warner Bros.Blu-ray + DVD

Man Who Knew Too Much, The E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, The Warner Bros.Blu-ray

Man Who Would Be King, The Warner Bros.Blu-ray

Manchurian Candidate, The E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Manglehorn Mongrel MediaDVD

Maps to the Stars E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Marécages Métropole FilmsDVD

Margin Call Alliance VivafilmBlu-ray + DVD

Mariage à l'italienne Lea FilmsDVD

Marketa Lazarová E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Marque des anges, La - Miserere Métropole FilmsDVD

Marshland Distribution SélectDVD

Martian, The Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Mary Poppins (50th Anniversary Edition) Buena VistaBlu-ray + DVD

Master Builder, A E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Master of the House Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray + DVD

Master, The (Special Edition) E one EntertainmentBlu-rayComplète

Masters of Sex (The Complete First Season) Sony Pictures Home EntertainmentDVD

Matrix Reloaded, The Warner Bros.DVDComplète

Matrix, The Warner Bros.DVDComplète

Maze Runner, The Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray + DVD

McCabe & Mrs. Miller E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Mean Streets Warner Bros.Blu-ray

Mechanic, The Alliance VivafilmBlu-ray

Medea E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Medium Cool E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Meet Joe Black UniversalBlu-ray

Meet Me in St. Louis Warner Bros.Blu-ray

Melancholia E one EntertainmentBlu-ray + DVDComplète

Men, Women & Children ParamountBlu-ray

Mer à boire, La E one EntertainmentDVD

Merchant of Four Seasons, The E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Mères et filles E one EntertainmentDVD

Meru Mongrel MediaBlu-rayComplète

Metropolitan E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Midnight Special Warner Bros.Blu-ray

Mikado, The E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Mildred Pierce E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Mildred Pierce (Collector's Edition) Warner Bros.Blu-ray + DVD

Milk of Sorrow, The Mongrel MediaBlu-ray

Mill and the Cross, The Mongrel MediaBlu-ray

Minions UniversalBlu-ray + DVD

Ministry of Fear E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Minuit le soir (Saison 1) Radio-CanadaDVD

Miraculum E one EntertainmentBlu-rayComplète

Misérables, Les UniversalBlu-ray + DVD

Miss Bala Mongrel MediaDVD

Miss Julie Distribution SélectDVD

Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation ParamountBlu-ray + DVD

Mister Johnson E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Moine, Le Métropole FilmsDVD

Moliere Lea FilmsDVD

Molière à bicyclette Métropole FilmsDVD

Moment of Truth, The E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Mommy E one EntertainmentBlu-rayComplète

Monsieur Lazhar E one EntertainmentBlu-rayComplète

Monsieur Verdoux E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Monsters University Buena VistaBlu-ray (3D) + Blu-ray + DVD

Monstre à Paris, Un Alliance VivafilmDVD

Montréal la blanche K.Films AmériqueDVD

Moolaadé Films SévilleDVD

Moonrise Kingdom E one EntertainmentBlu-ray + DVDComplète

Morgan Twentieth Century Fox4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray

Morning Glory ParamountBlu-ray

Most Wanted Man, A E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Mulholland Dr. E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Muriel, or The Time of Return E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Music Room, The E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Mustang Mongrel MediaBlu-rayComplète

Mutiny on the Bounty Warner Bros.Blu-ray

My Beautiful Laundrette E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

My Blueberry Nights Equinoxe FilmsDVD

My Darling Clementine Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray

My Dinner with Andre E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

My Fair Lady ParamountBlu-ray + DVD

My Own Private Idaho E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

My Week with Marilyn Alliance VivafilmBlu-ray + DVD

Naked Island, The E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Naked Lunch E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Name of the Rose, The Warner Bros.Blu-ray

Nannerl, la soeur de Mozart Distribution SélectDVD

Nashville E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Né quelque part Métropole FilmsDVD

Neiges du Kilimandjaro, Les Métropole FilmsDVD

Nesting, The E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Network Warner Bros.Blu-ray

New Jack City Warner Bros.Blu-ray

New World, The E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Night and Fog E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Night and the City E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Night of the Hunter, The Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray + DVD

Night Porter, The Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray

Night to Remember, A E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Night Train Murders E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Night Train to Munich E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Nightcrawler UniversalBlu-ray + DVD

No et moi Distribution SélectDVD

No One Knows About Persian Cats E one EntertainmentDVD

No Strings Attached ParamountBlu-ray + DVD

Noir - NWA E one EntertainmentDVD

Nom des gens, Le Métropole FilmsDVD

Non-Stop UniversalBlu-ray + DVD

Norwegian Wood Mongrel MediaDVD

Nosferatu the Vampyre Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray

Nostra vita, La Mongrel MediaDVD

Notre jour viendra E one EntertainmentDVD

Notte, La E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Nous avons un pape E one EntertainmentDVD

Nouvelle amie, Une Métropole FilmsDVDComplète

Nouvelle-France Christal FilmsDVD

Nowhere Boy Maple PicturesBlu-ray

Odd Man Out E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Office, The (Season 7) UniversalBlu-ray

Oklahoma! Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray + DVD

Oldboy Alliance AtlantisDVDComplète

Olive Kitteridge Warner Bros.Blu-ray

Omar Mongrel MediaDVD

Omar m'a tuer Métropole FilmsDVD

Ombline Distribution SélectDVD

On the Riviera Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

On the Waterfront E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Once Upon a Time in America Warner Bros.Blu-ray

Once Upon a Time in the West ParamountDVDComplète

Once Upon a Time in the West ParamountBlu-ray

One Day Alliance VivafilmBlu-ray

One Hour Photo Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

One Life Alliance VivafilmBlu-ray + DVD

One-Eyed Jacks E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Only Angels Have Wings E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Ordre et la morale, L' Métropole FilmsDVD

Organizer, The E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Our Hospitality (Ultimate Edition) Mongrel MediaBlu-ray

Out of Sight UniversalBlu-ray

Outland Warner Bros.Blu-ray

Outrage Mongrel MediaDVD

Overlord Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray

Pacific Rim Warner Bros.Blu-ray + DVD

Paddington E one EntertainmentBlu-ray + DVD

Palm Beach Story, The Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray

Palo Alto Phase 4 FilmsDVDComplète

Pan Am (Season 1) Sony Pictures Home EntertainmentDVD

Paranormal Activity ParamountDVD

ParaNorman Alliance VivafilmBlu-ray (3D) + Blu-ray + DVD

Paris Follies Métropole FilmsDVD

Paris nous appartient E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Partir E one EntertainmentDVD

Passion d'Augustine, La E one EntertainmentDVD

Patrick Huard - Face à face Equinoxe FilmsDVD

Patton Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Patton (Remastered Edition) Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Paul UniversalBlu-ray + DVD

Paul à Québec UniversalBlu-ray

Peau blanche, La Films SévilleDVD

Pee-Wee 3D, Les: L'hiver qui a changé ma vie E one EntertainmentBlu-ray (3D) + Blu-ray

Pee-wee's Big Adventure Warner Bros.Blu-ray

Peindre ou faire l'amour Métropole FilmsDVD

Perfect Host, The Mongrel MediaDVD

Persona Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray + DVD

Pet Sematary ParamountBlu-ray

Peter Gabriel: Growing Up Live Universal Music CanadaDVDComplète

Peter Pan (Diamond Edition) Buena VistaBlu-ray

Petit lieutenant, Le Métropole FilmsDVD

Petite reine, La E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Petits mouchoirs, Les Maple PicturesDVDComplète

Philomena E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Phoenix E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Piccadilly (The Milestone Collection) Image EntertainmentDVD

Pickpocket Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray + DVD

Picnic at Hanging Rock Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray + DVD

Pieta Mongrel MediaDVD

Pina Mongrel MediaBlu-ray (3D) + Blu-ray + DVD

Piranha UniversalBlu-ray (3D)

Planes, Trains & Automobiles ParamountBlu-ray

Planète blanche Films SévilleDVD

Platoon Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray + DVD

Play Misty for Me UniversalBlu-ray

Player, The E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Poem Is a Naked Person, A E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Poème, Le Mongrel MediaDVD

Point Break Warner Bros.Blu-ray

Point de rupture Radio-CanadaDVD

Polisse E one EntertainmentDVD

Ponette Wellspring MediaDVD

Populaire Métropole FilmsDVD

Porco Rosso Buena VistaBlu-ray + DVD

Portrait of a Lady, The (Special Edition) E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Postman Always Rings Twice, The Warner Bros.Blu-ray

Potiche E one EntertainmentDVDComplète

Pour l'amour de Dieu Métropole FilmsDVD

Predator (Collector's Edition) Twentieth Century FoxDVDTechnique

Prénom, Le E one EntertainmentDVD

Présumé coupable Métropole FilmsDVD

Prête-moi ta main Alliance VivafilmDVD

Princess Mononoke Buena VistaBlu-ray + DVD

Princesse de Montpensier, La Distribution SélectDVD

Prisoners Warner Bros.Blu-ray + DVD

Producers, The (Collector's Edition) E one EntertainmentBlu-ray + DVD

Proie, La Métropole FilmsDVD

Promeneur d'oiseau, Le Distribution SélectDVD

Promeneur du Champ de Mars, Le Christal FilmsDVD

Promised Land Alliance VivafilmBlu-ray

Public Speaking Warner Bros.DVD

Punch-Drunk Love E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Purple Noon E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Quadrophenia E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Quadrophenia: Live in London Universal Music CanadaBlu-ray

Quai d'Orsay Distribution SélectDVD

Québec-Montréal Alliance AtlantisDVD

Quelques heures de printemps E one EntertainmentDVD

Question humaine, La K.Films AmériqueDVD

Rabbit Hole Maple PicturesDVD

Rafle, La E one EntertainmentDVD

Raging Bull (The 30th Anniversary Edition) Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray + DVD

Ran CriterionDVD

Rango ParamountBlu-ray + DVD

Rashomon E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Ray (Limited Edition) UniversalDVD

Ray UniversalBlu-ray

Reality Mongrel MediaBlu-ray

Rebelle Métropole FilmsDVD

Rebelle Métropole FilmsDVD

Red Riding Hood Warner Bros.Blu-ray + DVD

Red River Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray + DVD

Renoir Métropole FilmsDVD

Repo Man E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Repulsion Koch LorberDVD

Rescapés, Les (Saison 2) E one EntertainmentDVD

Reste avec moi E one EntertainmentDVD

Revenant, The Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Revenants, Les (Saison 1) E one EntertainmentDVD

Richard III E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Ride the Pink Horse Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray

Rififi Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray + DVD

Ring Intérieur, Le ONFDVDTechnique

Ring, The DreamworksDVDComplète

Riot in Cell Block 11 Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray + DVD

Rite, The Warner Bros.Blu-ray + DVD

River, The E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Robinson Crusoe on Mars E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

RoboCop Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray + DVD

Robots (format d'image respecté) Twentieth Century FoxDVD

Roger Waters the Wall UniversalBlu-ray

Rois maudits, Les ImaVisionDVD

Rôle de sa vie, Le Films SévilleDVD

Roma E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Roméo onze Métropole FilmsDVD

Ronaldo UniversalDVD

Room 237 Mongrel MediaBlu-ray

Room with a View, A E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Rooster Cogburn UniversalBlu-ray

Rose, The E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Rosemary's Baby E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Rosetta E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Rouge Sang Distribution SélectDVD

Royal Affair, A Mongrel MediaDVD

Royal Tenenbaums, The E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Ruby Sparks Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Rudderless ParamountDVD

Rules of the Game, The E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Rum Diary, The E one EntertainmentBlu-ray + DVD

Rushmore E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Rust and Bone Sony Pictures Home EntertainmentBlu-ray

Safe Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray

Safety Last E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Salt of the Earth, The Mongrel MediaBlu-ray

Salvation, The Mongrel MediaBlu-ray

Samsara E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Samson and Delilah ParamountDVD

Samson and Delilah ParamountBlu-ray

Sansho the Bailiff E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Savages UniversalBlu-ray + DVD

Saveurs du palais, Les Métropole FilmsDVD

Scratch Distribution SélectDVD

Scrooged ParamountBlu-ray

Second Mother, The Mongrel MediaDVD

Seconds E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Selma ParamountBlu-ray + DVDComplète

Senna Mongrel MediaDVD

Sens de l'humour, Le Alliance VivafilmBlu-ray

Senso E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Separation, A Sony Pictures Home EntertainmentBlu-ray

Sessions, The Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Shadow Dancer Mongrel MediaDVD

Shallow Grave E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Shame Alliance VivafilmBlu-ray + DVD

Shaun the Sheep Movie UniversalBlu-ray + DVD

Sherlock (Saison 1) E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Shock Waves E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Shoot the Piano Player CriterionDVD

Short Cuts E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Short Term 12 UniversalBlu-ray + DVD

Show Me a Hero Warner Bros.Blu-ray

Shrek DreamworksDVDComplète

Sid and Nancy (25th Anniversary) Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Sideways Twentieth Century FoxDVDComplète

Sideways (10th Anniversary Edition) Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Sightseers Mongrel MediaDVD

Silence de la mer, Le E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Silence Is Presence EpsilonlabDVD

Silent Running UniversalBlu-ray

Silk Alliance VivafilmDVD

Simpsons, The (Season 15) Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Simpsons, The (Season 16) Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Simpsons, The (Season 17) Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Sin City Alliance AtlantisDVDComplète

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For E one EntertainmentBlu-ray (3D) + Blu-ray + DVD

Sixth Sense, The (Special Edition) Buena VistaDVDComplète

Skin I Live In, The Sony Pictures Home EntertainmentBlu-ray + DVD

Slacker E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Sleeping Beauty E one EntertainmentDVD

Slow West Mongrel MediaBlu-ray

Small Town Murder Songs Alliance VivafilmDVD

Smashed Sony Pictures Home EntertainmentBlu-ray

Smiles of a Summer Night E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Smokey and the Bandit UniversalBlu-ray + DVD

Smurfs 2, The Sony Pictures Home EntertainmentBlu-ray (3D) + Blu-ray + DVD

Snowpiercer E one EntertainmentBlu-rayComplète

Soft Skin, The Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray

Soirée canadienne (Vol.1) TVA FilmsCD+DVD

Solaris Twentieth Century FoxDVDComplète

Something Wild E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Something Wild E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Sons of Anarchy (Season 6) Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Sons of Anarchy (Season Seven) Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Source Code E one EntertainmentDVD

Source des femmes, La Métropole FilmsDVD

South Pacific Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray + DVD

Soylent Green Warner Bros.Blu-ray

Spartacus (Restored Edition) UniversalBlu-ray

Special Day, A E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Speedy E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Spirited Away Buena VistaBlu-ray + DVD

Spring Anchor BayBlu-rayComplète

Squid and the Whale, The E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

St. Vincent E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Star Trek Beyond ParamountBlu-ray + DVD

Starbuck E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Stars and Stripes Forever Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray + DVD

State of Siege E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Steve Jobs UniversalBlu-ray + DVDComplète

Sting, The UniversalBlu-ray + DVD

Stories We Tell Mongrel MediaDVD

Story of Marie and Julien Koch LorberDVD

Story of the Last Chrysanthemum, The E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Straight Outta Compton UniversalBlu-ray + DVD

Strain, The (The Complete First Season) Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Strain, The (The Complete Second Season) Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Stranger, The (Remastered Edition) Mongrel MediaBlu-ray

Strangers on a Train Warner Bros.Blu-ray

Suffragette UniversalBlu-ray

Suicide Squad (Extended Edition) Warner Bros.4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray

Sullivan's Travels E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Summer in Genoa E one EntertainmentDVD

Sunday Bloody Sunday E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Sundays and Cybèle Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray

Sunrise Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray + DVD

Sunset Boulevard ParamountBlu-ray

Sunset Limited, The Warner Bros.Blu-ray

Super 8 ParamountBlu-ray + DVDComplète

Sur le rythme E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Surprise sur prise (Volume 1) Distribution SélectDVD

Swastika Mongrel MediaDVD

Sweet Hereafter, The Alliance VivafilmBlu-ray + DVD

Sweet Smell of Success E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Sweetie E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Swimming Pool (édition canadienne) Films SévilleDVDComplète

Sword of Doom, The Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray

Tableau, Le Distribution SélectDVD

Take Shelter Sony Pictures Home EntertainmentBlu-ray

Take This Waltz Mongrel MediaDVD

Taste of Honey, A E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Ted 2 UniversalBlu-ray

Tempest, The Alliance VivafilmBlu-ray + DVD

Temps qui reste, Le Films SévilleDVD

Terminal, The ParamountBlu-ray

Terminator Genisys ParamountBlu-ray + DVD

Terre et l'ombre, La K.Films AmériqueDVD

Tess Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray + DVD

Tête en friche, La Métropole FilmsDVD

Thanks for Sharing Mongrel MediaBlu-ray

That Sugar Film Mongrel MediaDVD

The Boy and the Beast Mongrel MediaDVD


Theory Of Everything, The E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Thérèse Desqueyroux Métropole FilmsDVD

These Final Hours Mongrel MediaBlu-ray

Thief Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray + DVD

Thin Blue Line, The Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray

Things to Come E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

This Is the End Sony Pictures Home EntertainmentBlu-ray + DVD

Thor: The Dark World Buena VistaBlu-ray (3D) + Blu-ray + DVD

Three Faces of Eve, The Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Three Outlaw Samurai E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Throne of Blood Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray + DVD

Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray + DVD

Tightrope Warner Bros.Blu-ray

Tim's Vermeer Sony Pictures Home EntertainmentBlu-ray + DVD

Timbuktu Distribution SélectDVD

Time for Drunken Horses, A Mongrel MediaDVD

Time Machine, The Warner Bros.Blu-ray

Tin Drum, The E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy E one EntertainmentBlu-ray + DVD

Tiresia Alliance AtlantisDVD

Titanic (Four-Disc Blu-ray 3D Combo Pack) ParamountBlu-ray (3D) + Blu-ray

To Be Takei Anchor BayDVD

To Catch a Thief ParamountBlu-ray

To Rome with Love Sony Pictures Home EntertainmentBlu-ray

Tokyo Story E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Tomorrowland Buena VistaBlu-ray + DVD

Too Big to Fail Warner Bros.Blu-ray + DVD

Tootsie Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray

Topsy-Turvy E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Torso E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Touch of Zen, A E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Tous les soleils Métropole FilmsDVD

Tout ce que tu possèdes E one EntertainmentDVD

Tout nouveau testament, Le Distribution SélectDVDComplète

Toute la vérité (Saison 3) Distribution SélectDVD

Toutes nos envies Métropole FilmsDVD

Tracks Mongrel MediaBlu-ray

Traffic E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Train of Life Mongrel MediaBlu-ray

Transformers DreamworksHD DVD

Tree of Life, The E one EntertainmentBlu-ray + DVDComplète

Tree of Wooden Clogs, The E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Treme (Season 1) Warner Bros.DVD

Trishna Mongrel MediaDVD

Triumph of the Will VSCBlu-ray

Trois mondes Distribution SélectDVD

Tromper le silence E one EntertainmentDVD

Trouble with the Curve Warner Bros.Blu-ray + DVD

True Blood (The Complete Fourth Season) Warner Bros.Blu-ray + DVD

True Blood (The Complete Fifth Season) Warner Bros.Blu-ray + DVD

True Grit ParamountBlu-ray + DVD

True Story Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Tsotsi Alliance AtlantisDVD

TuTuMuch Alliance VivafilmDVD

Two Mules for Sister Sara UniversalBlu-ray

Two-Lane Blacktop E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Tyrannosaur Alliance VivafilmDVD

Umberto D. CriterionDVD

Umberto D. E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Un monde sans pitié Maple PicturesDVD

Unbreakable Buena VistaBlu-ray

Unbroken UniversalBlu-ray + DVD

Under The Dome ParamountBlu-ray

Undertow Mongrel MediaDVD

Uninvited, The E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Unité 9 (Saison 1) Distribution SélectDVDComplète

Unité 9 (saison 2) Distribution SélectDVD

Unité 9 (saison 3) Distribution SélectDVD

United 93 UniversalBlu-ray

Unknown Warner Bros.Blu-ray + DVD

Up Buena VistaBlu-ray (3D) + Blu-ray + DVD

Upside Down Alliance VivafilmBlu-ray (3D) + Blu-ray

V (The Complete Second Season) Warner Bros.Blu-ray

V/H/S E one EntertainmentBlu-ray + DVD

Vacances du petit Nicolas, Les Métropole FilmsDVD

Valerie and Her Week of Wonders E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Vallée des larmes, La E one EntertainmentDVD

Valley of the Dolls E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Vanishing, The Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray

Vanya on 42nd Street E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Veep (The Complete Fourth Season) Warner Bros.Blu-ray

Vendeur, Le E one EntertainmentBlu-rayComplète

Vengeance is Mine Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray + DVD

Venus Alliance AtlantisDVD

Vénus à la fourrure, La E one EntertainmentDVDComplète

Vénus noire Métropole FilmsDVD

Verdict, The Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Vérité, La Distribution SélectDVD

Vice caché (Saison 1) TVA FilmsDVD

Victoria Mongrel MediaBlu-ray

Vie d'Adèle chapitre 1 & 2, La Métropole FilmsBlu-rayComplète

Vie de bohème, La CriterionBlu-ray + DVD

Vie de chat, Une Mongrel MediaDVD

Village of the Damned (Collector's Edition) E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Ville-Marie Distribution SélectDVD

Vinyl (Season 1) Warner Bros.Blu-ray

Violette Métropole FilmsDVDComplète

Visiteurs du soir, Les E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Viva Riva! Mongrel MediaDVD

Viva Zapata! Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

W.E. E one EntertainmentBlu-ray + DVD

Wadjda Sony Pictures Home EntertainmentBlu-ray + DVD

Waiting for Superman ParamountDVD

Walk Among the Tombstones, A E one EntertainmentBlu-ray + DVD

Walking Dead, The (Season 1) Anchor BayBlu-ray

Walking Dead, The (Season 5) Anchor BayBlu-ray

War Around Us, The Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray + DVD

War Room, The E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Water Diviner, The E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Watermark (Collector's Edition) Mongrel MediaBlu-ray + DVD

Watership Down Phase 4 FilmsBlu-ray

Way Way Back, The Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

We Need to Talk About Kevin E one EntertainmentBlu-ray + DVDComplète

Weeds (Season 6) Maple PicturesBlu-ray

Week End E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Weight of the Nation Warner Bros.DVD

Weiner Mongrel MediaDVD

Westworld Warner Bros.Blu-ray

What Dreams May Come UniversalBlu-ray

When Animals Dream Mongrel MediaBlu-ray

When Marnie Was There UniversalBlu-ray + DVD

Where to Invade Next Mongrel MediaBlu-ray

While We're Young UniversalBlu-ray

Whiplash Sony Pictures Home EntertainmentBlu-ray

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot ParamountBlu-ray

Whistleblower, The E one EntertainmentDVD

Whitesnake - Live in the Still of the Night Universal Music CanadaDVD+CD

Who Came in from the Cold, The E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Wild Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Wild Camp Lifesize EntertainmentDVD

Wild Strawberries E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Willow Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray + DVD

Wind Rises, The Buena VistaBlu-ray + DVD

Wings ParamountBlu-ray

Winter Sleep Mongrel MediaBlu-rayComplète

Wire, The (The Complete Series) Warner Bros.Blu-ray

Wolf Man, The UniversalBlu-ray

Wolverine, The (Unleashed Extended Edition) Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray (3D) + Blu-ray + DVD

Woman in the Dunes E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

Words, The Alliance VivafilmBlu-ray

World on a Wire E one EntertainmentBlu-ray

World's End, The Alliance VivafilmBlu-ray + DVD

X-Files, The (The Complete Series) Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

X-Files, The (The Event Series) Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

X-Men: First Class Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Yellow Submarine EMIBlu-ray

Yeux jaunes des crocodiles, Les Métropole FilmsDVD

Young Frankenstein (40th Anniversary Edition) Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Youth Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

YSL: L'Amour Fou Mongrel MediaDVD

Yves Saint Laurent E one EntertainmentDVDComplète

Zero Dark Thirty Alliance VivafilmBlu-ray + DVD

Zootopia Buena VistaBlu-ray + DVD

Zorba the Greek Twentieth Century FoxBlu-ray

Zulu Phase 4 FilmsDVD